Vizrt XR en TF1 - UEFA Euro 2020

Vizrt XR Playbook is bringing augmented reality to viewers of TF1, the leading private French television station. Specifically, the solution is being used for the UEFA Euro 2020 post-matches.

Vizrt XR Playbook offers broadcasters different visual storytelling and sports analysis tools, including virtual, augmented, mixed and extended reality graphics, and videowall control. Thanks to the solution, TF1‘s audience enters fully rendered virtual stadiums and is immersed in the match action by the hand of the analysts, who are able to control both replays and the point of view of the plays, among other elements.

Daniel Nergard, president of Vizrt, stresses the value of spectacular imagery to “engage the audience.” “By any measurement, Vizrt XR liberates TF1’s analysts and commentators to unleash their boundless creativity and insight into the game with speed, efficiency, and high quality. Their immersive and compelling extended reality shows delight fans and viewers alike signaling a new era of storytelling for sports,” he says.

Vizrt XR, available on Flexible Access

Vizrt XR is one of five suites of software solutions available exclusively through Flexible Access. This business model allows Vizrt customers to scale their production software to meet their production needs as they need it.

Vizrt Flexible Access consists of Vizrt Newsroom, aimed at journalists, with support for any NRCS, with flexible graphic templates; Vizrt Extended Reality (XR), for both studio and on-location; Vizrt Production Control, aimed at graphics and live production automation; Vizrt Media Workflow, a media manager that emphasizes collaboration; and Vizrt Channel Branding, which delivers brand content in real time.


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