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The Ninth OrderThe Red Shoes: Next Step, feature films by father and son directors Nick and Jesse A’hern, were shot on 黑魔法 URSA Mini Pro 12K cameras and finished with DaVinci Resolve Studio.

The Ninth Order is the first film on which Nick has served as both director and cinematographer. Starring John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) and shot in Australia’s celebrated Blue Mountains, this supernatural drama follows the story of Jada, an ordinary teenager who is forced into the mystical world of a centuries-old group, called the Ninth Order, after the death of her estranged father. When the supernatural cult kidnaps her friends, Jada’s only hope is to turn to Finn, a young man who might help her understand her father’s death.

The Red Shoes: Next Step was Jesse’s first film directed with Nick, who worked as a secondary camera operator. The project, starring renowned American dancer and actress Juliet Doherty, is a story about the passage from childhood to adulthood, which follows the life of a dancer who is left confused after witnessing a tragic accident, and who struggles to return to her people and passions left in the past. Choreographed by former Australian Ballet Company principal dancer Daniel Gaudiello, The Red Shoes: Next Step combines contemporary ballet with significant character development and an evocative soundtrack. The film was shot entirely in Sydney, where it faced challenging production conditions as it navigated the obstacles presented by pandemic confinements in July last year.

Padre - Hijo - BlackmagicCapturing with Blackmagic

Having used a wide variety of cameras on their previous work, Nick and Jesse opted for the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K for these projects. The distinguished aesthetics of the camera, its ease of use with 达芬奇解决工作室 software, and its price point were the key factors the father and son considered when choosing this model for their projects.

For The Ninth Order, Nick also decided to use the 掌上影院摄像机 6K Pro: “The color and depth that these cameras produce is incredible. It gives a look and feel similar to 35mm film. I’m seeing more and more indie filmmakers starting to use these cameras because not only do you get a great image, but the cost gives you so much more freedom in your budget to do things you never thought would be possible,” said Nick.

A family devoted to film

A’hern family is deeply involved in the Australian film industry. Nick, an experienced filmmaker who has been involved in a number of documentaries in the country, such as Steam Across the Mountains and Wake in Film, saw his son Jesse follow in his own footsteps as a producer and director five years ago, after working in the music industry and studying drums.

Although the father and son duo have worked independently on various projects, they have also had the chance to collaborate with each other. They were both involved in the teen adventure film The Legend of the Five, directed by Joanne Samuel, star of Mad Max.

Commenting on the natural bond between the two, Nick says: “We both want to make more films together. Jesse has done a lot of incredible individual work and has a strong style, so when we do come together it’s more collaborative than mentorship. Working separately and gathering unique experiences means there is less friction and competition for ideas when we do come together.”


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