Complementary to your NewsRoomBox production system, it enables virtually instant switching from one clip to another.

PlayBox ProductionAirBox

Coinciding with the celebration of BVE 2014 in London from February 25 to 27, PlayBox will unveil ProductionAirBox, a new addition to its portfolio of broadcast solutions.

Don Ash, Director of PlayBox Technology UK, said: "ProductionAirBox will deliver much faster media handling, coupled with the near zero latency delivery system required for the fast-paced work environment that comes with producing news, sports or TV shows. live. It is a complement to our NewsRoomBox production system allowing virtually instantaneous switching from one clip to another. A wide range of file formats and resolutions can be imported into the playlist, with up to 16 channels of digital audio to accommodate programs in multiple multi-channel languages.”

Basado en la arquitectura del motor multicanal desarrollado por PlayBox, ProductionAirBox puede entregar contenido rápidamente una sola vez o mediante una lista de reproducción. Los archivos con un canal alfa pueden emitirse con fill/key por separado.

Other possibilities of this new proposal is the possibility of including a clip timecode in the SDI output as well as being able to make a trimmer with a dedicated SDI output. The ProductionAirBox can be controlled via VDCP and Media Object Server (MOS) protocols.

Playlist changes can be made even while on air. Each clip can be trimmed or repositioned on the fly using simple commands. All changes are carried out seamlessly without the need to interrupt the current playout session. Up to four independent players can be accommodated on a single server. Each player has an independent playlist and broadcast control. Four SDI interfaces can be assigned as preview or program outputs. Operation can be simplified with a single-channel or multi-channel interface.

The ProductionAirBox feature set also includes forwarding or rewinding material at up to 32x speeds, mixing different resolutions and video formats into a single playlist, logical content trimming, multi-channel audio output, plus support for a wide variety of compression standards and media containers.

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By • 20 Jan, 2014
• Section: Issue, media management