The filmmaker is relying on DejaSoft's collaborative post-production solution DejaEdit in all her productions, including her latest films ‘Alone in Space’ (2018), ‘White Wall’ (2020) and ‘We Got This’ (2020).

Alone in Space (Foto: Emil Nyström, Nice Drama AB)

Anna bone hauer, a respected Stockholm-based film producer and post-producer with titles like Euphoria, starring Alicia Vikander; Welcome to Sweden, second season starring Jason Priestly, among others.

The filmmaker is relying on the collaborative post-production solution DejaEdit of DejaSoft in all his productions, including his latest films Alone in Space (2018), White Wall (2020) and We Got This (2020).

Anna Bone Hauer (Photo: Sara Aman / Bone Power)Knochenhauer acknowledges that “I love being able to work on more than one project at the same time, which is usual for a post-production company in Sweden. I enjoy the variety between projects and working with numerous production companies, producers and directors, as well as post-production facilities in all Nordic countries and Europe. Post-production of mainly dramatic series is my main line of work, and I also get to produce a feature film from time to time as well, which is fun. ”

DejaEdit is a media file synchronizer that offers publishers and operators the possibility to collaborate efficiently between multiple platforms of edition Avid remote. “I depend on DejaEdit for all my productions because it ensures that all media files and timelines that we have created or imported on one connected system are shared and reflected in the local storage or on the network of other connected systems. The best part is that all this happens very quickly, safely and automatically in the background, "says the producer.

DejaEdit's applications include allowing multiple remote editors work together on a single project, The speed up file exchanges between location-based editors, DITs, and VFX post-producers, or allowing projects to be accessed anywhere, anytime, keeping a robust and up-to-date local copy of all required media files, using an Internet connection.

“There are so many parts of my role that I consider very important, but my key priority is to be in charge of the entire workflow: from the cameras, to the sound recorders and all the way to the final masters. This whole process has to work perfectly, and we have to maintain the metadata accurately and meticulously correctly throughout the process, ”he adds.

"It is also important to work early with VFX producers, directors, DPs, production designers, and supervisors to collectively plan all the complicated scenes or shots that may involve VFX, in order to find the smartest solutions."

Sin embargo, una vez que el rodaje ha comenzado, Anna Knochenhauer se centra principalmente en el material que necesita ser respaldado de forma segura, transcodificado y sincronizado perfectamente para que llegue a los editores lo antes posible. “El hecho de que DejaEdit se asegure de que todos la media llegue automáticamente a todos los Avids conectados significa que el editor sistente o los Editores no tienen que buscar nunca ningún archivo de medios de comunicación que falte. Esto solía tomar mucho tiempo, especialmente para el AE en los flujos de trabajo de la vieja escuela. DejaEdit ciertamente nos ha ahorrado mucho tiempo y dolores de cabeza. Rara vez vemos ese viejo cartel de ‘Media offline’ en Avid, gracias a DejaEdit”, concluye.

Alone in space

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By • 25 May, 2020
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