The AIProclips technology platform uses up to three algorithms trained for more than a year by experts from the group, with the support of IBM.


Mediapro has applied for the first time the Artificial intelligence to the generation of soccer summaries with AIProclips, a new technological platform that allows users to create soccer summaries in real time (“near-live”) adapted to their criteria. Only by giving you the selection criteria, AIProclips automatically generates the summary.

The Innovation department of the Mediapro group has developed this pioneering tool that seeks apply all the advantages of Artificial Intelligence to the generation of summaries, taking into account the specificities of a football match and evaluating criteria that until now could only be taken into account by a professional filmmaker, like the emotion of a play, or the relevance of a goal in the 89th minute.

The user, be it broadcaster, fan, media or sponsor, must only establish certain criteria (best plays, performance of a certain player, type of play) for AIProclips to automatically generate the desired clip.

For more than a year, the innovation team has developed and optimized the platform and for this it has been training a combination of three algorithms, with the support of AI experts from IBM, so that AIProclips can assess these more subjective aspects in addition to marking the start and end of the plays at the right time or differentiating a simple goal when the score is 3-0 to a decisive goal in the last minute.

AIProclips complements the standard edition of abstracts and it opens possibilities for television channels and the media to generate the summaries most adapted to their markets and audiences. Being a cloud platform, users connect from anywhere, anytime, even during the soccer game. The platform works in real time (“Near-live”) analyzing and classifying all the plays of the matches, taking about 7 minutes to process the content so that users can create custom summaries.

In this way, users can create summaries of matches, days or even an entire season or complete competition, choosing according to their preferences: all the plays of a specific player ordered from most to least relevant; of a specific type of play (for example, all the fouls of the day); or by nationality (only the plays of Argentine players), through different layers of artificial intelligence applied to this innovative and unique product.

Three algorithms

AIProclips receives the ingestion of the matches in real time and applies three layers of algorithms to the content, adapted and worked by the Innovation department of Mediapro. The first layer of algorithms focuses on the play analysis and the making the cut deciding when each play begins and when it ends applying the logic and specific criteria of a football match. For this, it has had the collaboration of some algorithms created by Thuzz, North American company with extensive experience in image processing in the sports field.

The second algorithmic layer, created with IBM Watson technology, provides a first relevance analysis based on player gestures, commentator's voice or ambient sound, while the third layer designed and developed by IBM with machine learning add the party context, being able to identify, also from the training received, that a 0-1 in the 89th minute of the game is more relevant than at the beginning of the first part, for example. These two layers have been trained and adapted by Mediapro's audiovisual services team and IBM experts for exclusive use in AIProclips.

The first user of AIProclips will be LaLiga, a competition of which hundreds of matches have already been processed this season.

María Carmen Fernández, directora de Innovación y Nuevos Negocios del grupo Mediapro, destaca que “la inteligencia artificial nos brinda grandes oportunidades para optimizar procesos de producción, pero también abre la puerta del desarrollo de un gran número de nuevos productos orientados a responder a las necesidades de hipersegmentación de audiencias y del diseño de soluciones personalizadas para ellas, como AIProclips. En Mediapro apostamos por la innovación y estamos seguros de la necesidad de seguir incorporando nuevas tecnologías, como la inteligencia artificial y el desarrollo algorítmico, y combinarlos con el talento y la experiencia de nuestros expertos para seguir dando respuesta a un mercado cada vez más exigente en términos de personalización e interactividad con el contenido”.

Andrés Farreny, director of Telco and Media at IBM Global Business Services, stresses that “Mediapro is a pioneer in the development of new business models based on the exploitation of data and artificial intelligence. We are delighted to have collaborated with Mediapro on this project that allows us to create a service of great value for its clients and places it at the forefront of technological innovation in the audiovisual industry ”.

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By • 25 Jun, 2020
• Section: Postpro, Television, TV Production