The migration to HD culminates in the RTVE facilities in the Canary Islands. In addition, the first stone has been laid in the migration to HD and IP in Sant Cugat and integration of the Roc Boronac studio with remote production capacity.

RTVE Sant Cugat headquarters

The Operations Department of Spanish Radio Television (RTVE) progresses apace, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, on the transition from a digital environment SDI to audiovisual infrastructure operated entirely under IP technology in its production center in Sant Cugat (Barcelona).

This December the project has passed the interoperability tests of the pilot study. In them, the engineering teams of RTVE and the integrators awarded the file have verified that the IP interconnection and the PTP synchronization among the main electronic devices in the chain work accurately.

In addition, it has been shown that all equipment correctly transmit and receive video, audio and data in the standard format IP ST2110 while all can be adequately governed by a control system through NMOS / Ember + protocols.

The managers and technicians of the Sant Cugat center have collaborated in the detailed configuration tasks of the systems so that the design adjusts to the needs and peculiarities of their studies.

After the acceptance of the tests carried out, the green light has been given to the continuation of the project that will culminate, if the pandemic does not prevent it, with the start-up of studies 3 and 4 during the month of March and studies 1 and 2 in June. They will be the first fully IP studios to operate in Spain and one of the first in Europe.

The project was awarded to Telefónica, being Crosspoint the manager of the batch of IP cameras from Grass Valley that will be used in the Sant Cugat studios. For IP network infrastructure, the Corporation has relied on Fabric technology from Cisco, while the IP audio will be managed from a Lawo system. As for the gateways and multiviewers they have been manufactured by Lawo and Embrionix (Riedel). Lawo has also provided its control system for broadcast environments VSM.

For monitoring, a key element in an IP network, the chosen option comes from the hand of Smart and Scope (Lawo), while the synchronisms will be generated from equipment of Tektronix, as well as test and measurement systems.

On the other hand, this new infrastructure will integrate the study of the street Roc Boronac (Barcelona) which will now have the capacity to remote production.


HD in RTVE Canarias

This December the migration to HD at the facilities of RTVE in the Canary Islands. Its facilities have been completely renovated with high definition HD technology. In March, the Directorate of Operations undertook the technological upgrade of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria production center, but the pandemic forced the installation of the new systems to stop.

In June, work could be resumed and concluded at the end of July. From September to November the center of Tenerife has been completely renovated and equipped. And finally, with the arrival to the islands of the new HD mobile unit in early December, the migration to HD has culminated.

The work of the RTVE engineering area, with the invaluable collaboration of the technical manager of the Canary Islands and colleagues from the Las Palmas and TenerifeTogether with the personnel of the installation company, they have made it possible to successfully face a complex project developed in the difficult situation created by the pandemic.

In the two Canarian centers, all synchronization generation and distribution, as well as all modular electronics, have been renewed. A new IP technical network that interconnects all subsystems that make up its equipment and allows access and control of all of them from a central position, and facilitates connectivity with the outside for remote access to manufacturers' technical services.

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By • 29 Dec, 2020
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