Among the more than 150 works presented have been selected a total of ten, written by seven authors and five authors, whose genres predominate comedy, historical and drama.

Rolling pages

Rolling Pages, from the book to the screens will celebrate its fourth edition next April 8 organized by housewife and FGEE with the support of the Community of Madrid, CEDRO and DAMA. The purpose of this annual meeting is to create synergies between the audiovisual sector and the publishing house encouraging the possibility of adapting literary works to different screens.

theten works selected from the 157 submitted, a figure that doubles that of the previous edition, belong to genres as diverse as: comics, children, thriller, terror, police, predominating comedy, historical and drama.

They are written by seven authors and five authors:

15 by David Muñoz and Andrés G. Leiva (Astiberri, 2021), Collection Philip and his friends by Gracia Iglesias and Sara Sánchez (Jaguar Editions, 2016), Fair fat by Esther García Llovet (Editorial Anagrama, 2021), The un nameless woman by Vanessa Montfort (Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency, 2020), The pella of José Angel Mañas (Alt Editorial Authors, 2018), Gabriel Ochoa's The Right Wars (Express Author, SGAE Foundation, 2015), Sabina Urraca's Child Prodigy (Fulgencio Pimentel, 2016), Malasangre by Michelle Roche Rodríguez (Two Passos Literary Agency, 2020), Telephone by Ilsa Barea-Kulcsar (Carmen Balcells Literary Agency), Long live the right men by Guillermo Alonso (Editorial Kids Free, 2019).

These ten works have been selected by a committee of experts composed of the following professionals: Casandra Macías and Marina Maesso, screenwriters and screenwriters at HBO Spain; Concepción Cascajosa, professor of Audiovisual Communication at UC3M; Diego Rodríguez, director of the Margins Festival; Guadalupe Balaguer, producer; and David Martin de los Santos, filmmaker.

In this annual event, the celebration of which will be in hybrid format as long as the health emergency permits, writers, writers, editors and literary agents will present these 10 selected books. It will be made in front of an audience composed of audiovisual producers, televisions, distributors, international sales agencies and platforms interested in new content and ideas for their projects. It will also serve as a connection point for representatives of the ten selected works to meet with producers and televisions.

the Inscriptions to attend virtually the event and schedule meetings with the holders of the adaptation rights to the 10 selected books, are now available, here.

Success stories from other editions

To date, six option agreements have been closed in past editions for adaptation: Tea Rooms, working women by Luisa Carnés; lamia of Rayco Pulido, National Comic Book Award, A mother by Alejandro Palomas; Superpatata, Artur Laperla's children's comic; and Happy finale by Isaac Rosa. The sixth work will be made public soon. The audiovisual projects already being worked on, based on these adaptations, cover various formats: from television series to film feature films; in addition to different genres: from fiction to animation.

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