Playbox Technology Channel in a Box

PlayBox Technology’s Channel in a Box playout system has arrived at Thailand’s TNBC television.

The playout system is already up and running, broadcasting two of the channels that TNBC offers under a subscription model. The integration has been executed by UBN Network, a Bangkok-based company.

Compatible with SDI, IP or hybrid infrastructures, PlayBox Technology’s solution features integrated SRT and FTP applications that enable the automation of content ingest. In parallel, it provides a redundant playout service, capable of controlling third-party equipment such as routers and master control switches. Graphics can be created in the Channel in a Box environment via an HTML5 interface.

Less physical equipment

Sawiss Viacharnarong of UBN Network believes that the future lies in solutions such as those from PlayBox Technology, which reduce the amount of equipment that broadcasters such as TNBC require: “It requires fewer operators, less power consumption, less air conditioning and simplifies operations. Technologies such as PlayBox mean big savings and a more reliable transmission service.”

Moreover, Philip Neighbor, COO of PlayBox Technology, highlights the value of their product: “We have long demonstrated that integrated playout offers real economic benefits at every level. TNBC is the latest broadcaster to realize that they can have high-availability broadcasts and low operating costs by using our Channel in a Box platform.”

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By • 21 May, 2021
• Section: Issue