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3K-TV, one of six newly licensed commercial TV operators in Zimbabwe willing to look state-owned ZBC in the eye, begins broadcasting on Playbox Technology’s solution.

The Zimbabwean government decided to introduce new television services in November 2020. The winning bidders, which aim to compete with the public broadcaster ZBC, had just 18 months to get their new channel on air.

3K-TV opted for the Playbox integrated broadcasting software platform. The new broadcaster, supported by Harare-based integrator Solution Centre, selected a Channel in a Box Neo server, a CaptureBox Neo ingest server and workstations for graphics and playlists.

The PlayBox software, which runs on standard computer hardware, is capable of handling everything from content servers to scheduling and graphics tools, as well as broadcast automation processes. The system is designed to support all users through intuitive user interfaces tailored to the needs of each broadcaster.

Daniel de Beer, technical director at Solution Centre, explains how 3K-TV chose Playbox: “As a new broadcaster, 3K-TV was free to choose the most appropriate technology, and we see PlayBox as delivering high reliability and simplicity in operation, at a cost-effective price.” Philip Neighbour, COO of PlayBox Technology, also said: “The opening up of the market in Zimbabwe is an exciting opportunity for everyone. 3K-TV is the first to set out its technical plans, and we look forward to continuing discussions with other license-holders.”


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By • 11 Jan, 2022
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