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PlayBox Technology’s ingest and delivery system has made it possible for Imagine Media Network to optimize its 4K workflows.

Imagine Media Network, a company that already had a multi-camera UHD studio for its internal productions and for use by clients, needed a new system to automate its delivery. In this way, it could improve its playout services, which it has been offering for years to clients such as Eco Britain or Kanshi TV UK.

In the end, the UK company’s team opted for a unified solution from PlayBox Technology, which encompasses the CaptureBox ingest software and its Channel-in-a-box. This integration, compatible with UHD workflows, allows Imagine Media Network to control the entire management workflow of its audiovisual content: from its arrival at the agency, to live delivery.

Modular software compatible with SDI or IP

Imagine Media Network’s integrated PlayBox solution is based on modular software running on standard IT hardware. The system, which can be configured to meet the user’s needs, allows the preferred delivery format to be chosen at any time: standard definition, HD and Ultra HD. For companies such as Imagine Media Network, where customers use a wide range of platforms, PlayBox natively supports solutions such as SRT and FTP on both SDI and SMPTE ST 2110 IP. The software includes broadcast graphics, with easy-to-use HTML5 design tools and templates.

Jay Ali, founder of Imagine Media Networks, highlights the versatility of Playbox’s system, which is “completely integrated end-to-end solution at the right price.” “our confidence in them has been borne out by painless implementation and reliable, powerful functionality,” he adds.

On the other hand, Philip Neighbour, COO of PlayBox Technology UK, acknowledges that “this installation is a great showcase for us” and believes that it “demonstrates that we can meet a whole range of requirements, and support the move towards 4K Ultra HD.”

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For • 6 Jul, 2021
• Section: Automation, Issue, TV Corporate