DHD Audio RX2 - L1 Radio

L1, a public broadcaster in the south of the Netherlands, has installed a selection of DHD products at its Maastrich headquarters.

The DHD-Audio equipment supplied to L1, which has also made its way to its Venlo studio, includes a 24-fader RX2 console, two 22-fader SX2 consoles, 15 TX consoles, six XC2 core processors and one XS2 core.

L1’s audio control infrastructure needed to be replaced after 15 years of operation. After researching and comparing the available alternatives, L1’s operational and engineering teams ultimately decided in favor of DHD’s solutions. In making the decision, they enlisted the advice of Netherlands-based systems integrator AutoMates.

DHD Audio TX - L1 Radio

Four installation phases

The L1 system was upgraded in four phases so that emissions did not have to be interrupted. The first phase focused on two television studios, which share a central control room that already houses the RX2. The second covered the Venlo editing room and nine video editing rooms. While three of these rooms share a voice booth, the remaining spaces, being for commercial production, have their own microphone connected to a TX console.

Regarding the Venlo editing room, it received the installation of a DHD TX console and an XS2 I/O core. L1 has a dedicated fiber connection between Maastricht and Venlo, so the integrator, Media Utilities, was able to perform the setup remotely. The Venlo suite, by the way, can be used as a voice booth to connect guests from the two locations.

DHD Audio TX - L1 Podcast

Replacing the old infrastructure

The third part of L1’s project involved two radio voice and editing booths located next to the newsroom so that broadcasters can make contributions without having to enter the studio. Each booth was equipped with a DHD TX console.

The fourth phase was the most extensive, as it involved the complete replacement of the old L1 infrastructure. Specifically, two completely new radio studios, a podcast studio and a preparation room for journalists were integrated. The two radio studios use an SX2 console and a TX as an auxiliary desk. The podcast studio and the journalists’ preparation room have received TX consoles.

Christoph Gottert, DHD Audio’s international sales director, believes the installation demonstrates very effectively the ease with which our products integrate into IP-connected multi-site television and radio broadcast systems.”

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For • 11 Jun, 2021
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