Digigram Iqoya X Link MPXThe Iqoya X/Link-MPX, Digigram’s latest encoder, has been designed for the delivery of composite FM MPX signals to single or multiple transmitter sites.

Currently, most studio-to-transmitter links for FM transmissions are based on transporting the baseband audio signal over IP networks. This requires the FM composite MPX signal to be generated at each transmitter site with devices such as sound processors and RDS encoders.

In order for the MPX signal transport to take place within the studio, Digigram has created the Iqoya X/Link-MPX. The solution supports both analog MPX and AES192 digital MPX, enabling analog-to-analog, analog-to-digital and digital-to-digital MPX signal distribution. Thanks to the optional µMPX compression, “transport cost can be reduced by using low-cost network links”.

Digigram Iqoya X Link MPX - MPX over IP

Beneficts of the Iqoya X/Link-MPX

Digigram has listed the main advantages of its latest encoder. First, the company notes that the system reduces operating costs at broadcasters by allowing sound processing and RDS encoding to be centralized in the studio. On the other hand, it provides “optimized IP transport bandwidth,” as the device can conserve network bandwidth thanks to µMPX compression.

The Iqoya X/Link-MPX, in Digigram’s words, also features “reliable hardware,” based on the same hardware platform as the Iqoya X/Link range. It also counts with two internal redundant power supplies. Finally, the encoder features “robust IP sequences” thanks to “dual redundant transmission with PCM time diversity”.

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For • 18 Jun, 2021
• Section: Issue, Radio