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Broadcasters around the world will be able to complete their coverage of the Olympic Games with several beauty shots of Tokyo sites thanks to TVU Networks‘ initiative.

The beauty cameras distributed by TVU Network will showcase highlights of the city. Active 24 hours a day and rights-cleared, they will be available from the start of the Games until the end of the Paralympic Games, which will conclude on September 5. Among the locations chosen by TVU Networks are Japan’s national stadium and the Olympic Village.

The media will be able to use these beauty shots for their linear programming, web content and social media posts. They will be available through TVU MediaSource, a cloud solution that allows users to access real-time video content.

Solutions for the Olympic Games

In addition to these live feeds, TVU will offer an extensive inventory of TVU One mobile transmitters for rental in Tokyo during the Summer Games, as well as TVU’s Remote Production System (RPS) for REMI multi-camera production. Similarly, the TVU team in Tokyo will have ENG cameras available for coverage of the event.

TVU has also set up several studios in downtown Tokyo equipped with TVU Grid, a tool for point-to-multipoint live video distribution. At each studio, all live broadcast audiovisual content will be automatically recorded and indexed through TVU MediaMind’s AI-based technology. The video, available in real time, will be available for free download for 30 days.

Kap Shin, a member of TVU Networks’ global services team, stressed that the company is “committed” to helping its clients “deliver the best live coverage to their viewers.”

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For • 6 Jul, 2021
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