Crystal Vision - Marble - NAB 2021

The latest features of Crystal Vision’s Marble media processor will be showcased at NAB 2021, an event to be held in Las Vegas from October 9-13.

Crystal Vision’s main new solutions revolve around the latest video processing software applications landing on the Marble media processor, which can work with IP, SDI, or IP and SDI at the same time. These applications, which support ST 2022, ST 2110 video and 31 different SDI standards, include include chroma keying, linear keying, video delay, desecration delay, color correction, legalization, picture-in-picture and fail-safe switching.

Crystal Vision will also detail at NAB how the software-based Marble platform makes it easy to create custom products.

M-Safire, real-time Chroma

The M-Safire real-time chroma keyer software application will make its world debut at NAB 2021, introducing itself as “the industry’s first and only IP chroma keyer” that can also be used with SDI or with IP and SDI simultaneously for hybrid systems. The Marble media processor’s GPU processor enables the M-Safire to generate a noise-free key. In parallel, the numerous tools for image optimization include advanced clip processing, color correction, edge reduction, color spill processing, lighting compensation and shadow processing.

Another highlight of the M-Safire is its quad multiviewer output, which allows simultaneous viewing of the output video, output key, foreground and background with key, as well as zooming in on any area. Furthermore, the key can be faded up and down, while internal and external masks can be used to force foreground or background areas – making it easy to key lineart a logo or add virtual objects or sports graphics. The M-Safire offers enhanced system timing features, being the company’s first chroma keyer to include reference redundancy, PHP as a timing source and ten frames of delay on both output and input.

M-Cleanit and M-Coco-2

Crystal Vision will also be conducting live demonstrations of M-Cleanit IP/SDI, a system that offers numerous options for preventing the broadcast of unwanted or offensive video or audio material. These options include cleanly switching to two different video sources or a web page, fading video, displaying black or blue or colored bars, muting individual audio channels, and switching to another audio source. To give the operator time to react, the M-Cleanit allows a live IP or SDI content stream to be delayed by up to 600 frames, which is 24 seconds in 1080i50, 20 seconds in 1080i59.94, 12 seconds in 720p50/1080p50 and ten seconds in 1080p59.94.

On the other hand, the M-Coco-2 IP/SDI color correction software application will show at NAB its main features: RGB gain settings, RGB lift, YUV gain, YUV lift, video gain, Chroma gain or Chroma hue and RGB gamma. Similarly, the unique Black Stretch and Highlights Stretch tools, especially useful for correcting contrast on brightly lit monitors on set, will also be put to the test.

Marble customization

Finally, Crystal Vision will show visitors how the Marble platform can be used to create customized products that solve their specific problems using SDI or IP video. Marble, being a software-based platform, can be combined to produce new applications.

These functions include keying, image manipulation and scaling, video delay, color correction, switching, synchronization and IP to SDI conversion.

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