María Carmen Fernández - Mediapro (Photo: AMETIC - Rodri González)

María Carmen Fernández, director of innovation and new businesses of the Group Mediapro, has advanced that hybrid production, AI and metaverses are part of the roadmap of the company.

Fernández has opened the door to the future of Mediapro during your participation in the 35th Meeting of the Digital Economy and Telecommunications, organized by AMETIC, Banco Santander and the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP), which is held in Santander.

In his speech before the plenary, Fernández presented the innovation strategy applied to the content that the Group is promoting. The objective of Mediapro is to equip itself with the tools and talent necessary to lead this "content revolution”, Added to the knowledge generated during the more than 25 years of accumulated experience in the creation of content.

In his speech, Fernández also stressed the importance of public-private partnership, and the opportunity that European funds represent for the industrial fabric and for the country in general.

New platforms

One of the pillars of the strategy is to reach new audiences not only by producing the content they consume, but also through the platforms they use. Thus, Mediapro has managed to position itself as a reference in the field of Spanish-language eSports thanks to LVP (one of the largest operators of video game competitions in the world) and has its own multiplatform for broadcasting content for new audiences, UBEAT (OTT and television channel).

The group also produces new audiovisual formats, both in the field of entertainment and music, with creators of highly relevant internet content. It does so by applying advanced technology in virtual, mixed, augmented and transmedia reality production.

Hybrid production, AI and metaverse

On the other hand, the group has promoted numerous hybrid production initiatives during the pandemic, such as the Smart City Live or the connections with the nominees and winners of the gala The Goya. It has also created specific platforms such as CUPRA e-Garage, a virtual space to host online events produced with hybrid technology.

In the same way, Mediapro stay tuned for the technology trends that are revolutionizing content creation and consumption. Thus, it has applied artificial intelligence successfully with the market launch of AIProclips, a tool that automatically creates personalized summaries of sporting events, or notably integrates both the virtual audience and augmented reality in various sporting events. Fernandez has announced that the Group is currently working on another of the most successful trends such as virtual worlds (the metaverso), with the production of content such as virtual assets, avatars or metahumans (digital humans).

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For • 3 Sep, 2021
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