For-A MV-3240

The For-A MV 3240 multiviewer, a 32-channel multiview system that supports custom layouts with up to 25 windows for a single 4K output, will be on display at NAB Show 2021.

The MV-3240 supports up to 16 inputs for 6G-SDI and up to 32 inputs for 3G/HD/SD-SDI, as well as enabling HD-to-4K conversion streams. It includes five outputs for 3G/HD-SDI or one output for 12G-SDI, as well as an HDMI output that doubles the SDI output. The ability to cascade multiple units, on the other hand, allows scaling the new number of available windows.

Satoshi Kanemure, president of For-A Corporation of America, plans for the launch to address the hybrid needs of different broadcasters: “Not every facility or production truck is ready to move to IP, but they still need to manage extensive SDI inputs. The compact MV-3240 offers the flexibility needed to display HD or 4K sources, as well as the ability to support multi-format productions that use both.”

MV Series features

Built in the same 1 RU chassis as FOR-A’s recently introduced MV-1640IP multi-display system designed for IP or hybrid workflows, the MV-3240 also shares many of the standard features found in other MV Series units. For example, displays can include tally, title and timecode, as well as time, timers and information display. The MV-3240’s built-in layout manager makes it easy to create custom layouts, which can be saved and recalled directly from the unit’s front control panel.

In addition, up to four logos can be stored for display in the title areas. It is also possible to display the audio level and audio monitor output. As additional features, its integrated M-JPEG video output serves to easily monitor signals outside the control room, allowing users to access the signal from any device with Internet access; its dedicated Windows application also allows easy monitoring of M-JPEC streaming video; and its pre-alarm recording allows images to be stored on a PC hard drive and reviewed when an error occurs.

For-A has used the announcement to advance that it is currently developing custom designs of the MV-3240 for up to 40 windows for four 2K outputs, as well as optional support for up to 16 inputs for 12G-SDI.

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For • 13 Sep, 2021
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