Lynx - yellobrik Greenmachine - RYB 6000

Lynx Technik’s greenMachine rack frame welcomes the new yellobrik RYB 6000 extension kit, which allows users to combine both modules in a single rack.

The new RYB 6000, available now, attaches to greenMachine’s RFR 6000 frame, capable of holding up to two modules. The extension, compatible with standard-size yellobrik modules and capable of holding up to six yellobriks, features two power supplies, promoting system redundancy.

While Lynx Technik’s greenMachine and yellobrik series can operate independently, the company has created the RYB 6000 to allow users to save on cabling, power and space.

Finally, Lynx also stresses that this new assembly will offer greater flexibility for quick access to modules, which has a positive impact on maintenance time.

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For • 27 Sep, 2021
• Section: Study