Lynx Yellobrik OET 1910Lynx Technik’s yellobrik conversion solution multiplies its capabilities through seven new models.

The new yellobrik offer fiber-to-copper, copper-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber (multimode <> singlemode) ethernet conversion options. Similarly, these solutions can also be used to extend ethernet signals over a single bi-directional fiber, supporting up to 10Gbit/s. By using this Lynx solution, it will be possible to leverage fiber optic cabling to extend the reach of 10Gbit/s Ethernet signals over a greater distance – up to 20 kilometers.

Lynx Technik’s seven new yellobrik units can be interchanged and connected in the flow of operations and have all their instructions and indicators printed directly on the units themselves.

Lynx Yellobrik - Julio 2021

OTS 1910 and 1940 models

Among the newly released yellobrik are the OET 1910 models, which offer fiber-to-copper and copper-to-fiber conversion and include two 10 Gbit/s ports per module with a maximum throughput of 20 Gbit/s in full duplex mode. In parallel, Lynx technology offers 10Gbit/s ethernet extension over a single bi-directional fiber, also including two ports per module with a maximum throughput of 20Gbit/s in full duplex mode.

On the other hand, the OET 1940 models are multifunctional, providing fiber-to-copper, copper-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber conversion. They also support CWDM fiber transmission for all 18 wavelengths of coverage. Lynx, to complement the launch, offers a wide variety of SFP fiber transceiver modules as add-ons depending on the application and transmission distance required.

All of these new modules can be used as stand-alone units or mounted in 19″ yellobrik rack trays. Similarly, Lynx also has optional fiber adapter kits for adding ST or SC fiber connections to yellobriks.

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