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Sustainability is at the heart of the new Kyrion CM5000e UHD encoder from Ateme, which is now available.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Kyrion CM5000e encoder brings “ecological, economic and environmental” benefits, as Ateme explains. The solution, specifically, enables lower energy consumption, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. Ateme explains that the environmental advantages of Kyrion CM5000e are due to the new encoder’s “great integration capabilities,” as beyond remuxing it is compatible with IP and/or satellite outputs.

The Kyrion CM5000e includes all the functions required for live event broadcasting. Its short start-up time and low-latency encoding enable a wide range of use cases, with main applications in sporting events, news coverage and entertainment. On the other hand, the new Kyrion has its sights set on IP by being compatible with Zixi, SRT and RIST solutions, as well as SMPTE-2110. On the security side, it enables content protection with innovations such as the BISS-CA standard and dynamic watermarking technologies.

Julian Mandel, senior solutions marketing manager for the Ateme contribution and distribution area, tells more about the launch of this sustainable solution: “The introduction of more sustainable practices is critical in the video industry and the Ateme solutions are well equipped to meet the challenge. We have an unmatched record in developing encoders that achieve the highest video quality levels at the lowest bitrates. Now, with Kyrion CM5000e, we are also pioneering sustainable solutions in the contribution and distribution market, and we’re committed to making a positive environmental impact.”

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For • 23 Nov, 2021
• Section: Issue, Study