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Quicklink Studio has enabled online media outlet Straight Arrow News to integrate high-quality remote guest contributions into its online broadcasts.

Straight Arrow News is a new online media outlet that was born with the goal of “delivering fair, objective and unbiased journalism”. It recently embarked on a search for a solution that would allow it to manage guest connections and integrate easily with its video switchers and other production systems. Chris Childs, director of operations, and his team eventually settled on the flexibility of Quicklink Studio: “We are able to bring 8 remote guests into a discussion in high-quality, complete remote management over all guests while the guests receive a program feed with automatic mix-minus.”

Quicklink Studio (ST55) works through a web browser, so contributors do not need to install any applications or software. Collaborators can be invited via SMS, WhatsApp, email or by generating a link. Once they click, a series of screens with instructions will allow them to access their camera/microphone, set up the camera, manage the sound to avoid feedback and troubleshoot all kinds of problems. In addition, the system automatically makes a test call to check the status of the network.

Furthermore, Straight Arrow News, through Quicklink Manager, can remotely control and configure the camera, microphone and speaker of the guest’s device if this is eventually necessary.

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By • 22 Mar, 2022
• Section: Study, Mobile TV