Estudio Universidad de Cardiff - Quicklink Studio

The School of Journalism, Media and Culture of Cardiff University has adopted Quicklink Studio ST55 solution, a system that will help students train in the area of digital production.

The Quicklink Studio solution is used to incorporate contributions from remote guests using a laptop or mobile device for inclusion in the university’s studio newsletters. The solution is also used daily from the Senedd Cymru (Welsh Parliament), among other locations in the city.

Reporters on-location produce their contributions with an iPhone mounted on a Manfrotto Monopod and an iRig from IK Multimedia, which is deployed to break the audio between XLR and headphones. The smartphone, benefiting from Quicklink’s Mojo system, is placed as the hub of a two-way call with the Quicklink ST100 server located in the university’s studios. In parallel, Quicklink Manager is responsible for managing the entire two-way remote contribution, being able to remotely control and configure the camera, microphone, speaker settings, resolution, data bandwidth and partner latency, if required.

Andrew Jenkins, broadcast technician at Cardiff University, says that “the Quicklink solutions have allowed our students to gain practical skills on outside broadcast type news gathering as part of their courses”, providing “a new teaching and learning experience for both the staff and students.”

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By • 15 Sep, 2021
• Section: Study, Mobile TV