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oXyFire and Chrome Productions used Quicklink Studio to produce a content in which the interviewer and interviewee were in different locations.

Quicklink Studio was the tool of choice to produce this piece, which was produced from two studios (London and Dublin) and finished in a main control room in Sheffield. Several Focusrite Scarlett audio interfaces, connected to laptops located at the recording sites, were also part of the workflow for oXyFire and Chrome Productions.

To make the virtual staging a reality, both partners were positioned in front of a green screen. Similarly, several monitors were strategically placed following the gaze of each of the interviewees. In this way, eye contact was simulated throughout the interview.

Quicklink Studio (ST55) allows high-quality video and audio contributions to be collected from a laptop or mobile device without the need to install additional applications or software. Contributors can be invited via SMS, WhatsApp, email or by generating a shareable URL link. All these signals are controlled from the Quicklink Manager, a tool that allows to control the distance of the camera from the collaborator’s device, the microphone, speaker settings, resolution, data bandwidth or latency if necessary.

Quicklink, backbone of production

Jay Rozanski, creative director at oXyFire Media, believes Quicklink was critical to the success of the project: “Quicklink was a vital part of the virtual production workflow. I needed a system I had faith in and could trust to deliver. I’ve used Quicklink Studio many times over the pandemic and it’s proved rock solid.”

Hannah Chitty, producer at Chrome Productions, adds that, despite encountering numerous challenges, “the results provided by oXyFire and the Quicklink solutions were fantastic.”

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For • 20 Jul, 2021
• Section: 360 / VR, TV