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The Quicklink Studio (ST55) solution allows Soul Kitchen Creative to collect high-quality remote contributions for agents such as History Channel, Warner Music, Peacock Network, CBS, Nickelodeon and others.

One of the latest projects in which content production company Soul Kitchen Creative has employed Quicklink solutions was the coverage of several panels at New York Comic Con, held in October. Soul Kitchen Creative was commissioned by Peacock Network to produce three separate panel discussions, with participants calling in from their homes and offices. For this project, Soul Kitchen Creative turned to Quicklink Studio to facilitate a call between nine panelists and a moderator. Quicklink’s solutions allowed Soul Kitchen Creative to have complete remote management of all the panellists, while obtaining HD audio and video from each of the panellists.

Another project was commissioned by biopharmaceutical company Merck to remotely produce their annual Merck for Mothers event. Soul Kitchen was commissioned to produce four panels of health pioneers from around the world, including the former prime minister of New Zealand, completely virtually. As the COVID pandemic and regulations prohibited participants from meeting, the Quicklink Studio solution was used to assemble high quality ISO recordings and help bring the Merck for Mothers event to life.

A simple workflow

Quicklink Studio (ST55) works through a web browser, with no need for the contributor to install any applications or software. Collaborators can be invited via SMS, WhatsApp, email or by generating a URL link. From the Quicklink Manager control panel, an operator can remotely control and configure the camera, microphone and speaker on the partner’s device.

Michael Scalere, creative director at Soul Kitchen Creative, describes his first steps into the Quicklink universe: “Quicklink’s solution was a godsend when we first began using it. We had experimented with several different call-in systems with varying degrees of success. Ultimately, we needed the best quality call-in system that also allowed us to send the clean video feeds out to iso recorders that were not software based.”

“Our clients expect the highest production quality possible, even from webcams. The quality of Quicklink Studio calls are second to none. One client told us that we were the only company to provide broadcast-quality video from their talent’s bedrooms. Soul Kitchen Creative exists to provide our clients what they need, then set out to exceed those expectations. We solve problems, and Quicklink solved ours,” he concludes.

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By • 20 Dec, 2021
• Section: Mobile TV