LiveU LU300S

The LU300S, the LiveU latest big bet, will harness the power of 5G to stream up to 4K content at 10-bit HDR.

Based on LiveU’s proven LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT) technology and with dual SIM support, the new LU300S unit is capable of delivering broadcast-quality video streams with support for up to six IP connections, including four 5G/4G, WiFi and LAN connections. Furthermore, latest solution by LiveU is notable for being able to deliver up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR streams via 12G-SDI or HDMI, as well as being able to contribute up to eight channels of audio.

With a simple set-up, the unit can be managed both remotely from the comfort of the production control centre and locally by field crews via the unit’s intuitive interface, as part of a cost-effective remote production workflow (REMI).

When designing the LU300S, LiveU has given careful consideration to the versatility and ease of use of the system. Weighing in at just 900 grams and with its different usage options (camera stand, cross-body backpack and waist or kangaroo bag), the solution aims to free up field crews to concentrate on the story and get the best possible coverage, from all angles.

LU300S at NAB 2022

All of the LiveU end-to-end solutions, including the LU300S, will be on display at NAB 2022 in Las Vegas. The company will use the US show to demonstrate how this new field unit integrates into its cloud production ecosystem and can capture and stream content through the Matrix IP management and distribution solution.

Samuel Wasserman, CEO and co-founder of LiveU, highlights the company’s latest big bet: “Once again, LiveU brings technological innovation to a small-sized transmission solution. We have seen how the flexibility of the LU300 has enabled customers to boost viewer engagement for a wide variety of sports, entertainment and other live events. This brand-new offering encompasses the latest developments in 5G, 4K 10-bit HDR video quality, and HEVC encoding for even higher-level productions. Providing built-in 5G support, the LU300S delivers the highest bandwidth and ultra-low latency. The industry’s most popular field unit, the LU300, has already proved itself in extreme use cases around the world, such as motorsport and airborne firefighting services, and we’re excited to see the incredible new opportunities opening up with the LU300S.”

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By • 18 Apr, 2022
• Section: Thoroughly, Mobile TV