Pablo Jimeno, Raúl Berdonés, Julissa Reynoso and Pedro Perez, in Madrid Content City

Julissa Reynoso, ambassador of the United States in Spain and Andorra, has visited the facilities of Madrid Content City, the largest audiovisual production center in Spain and one of the benchmarks in the European Union.

This Tuesday, May 3, accompanied by Raúl Berdonés, president of Secuoya Grupo de Comunicación and Madrid Content City; Paul Jimeno, CEO; Peter Perez, vice president of Secuoya Communication Group; Y Diego Ávalos, Vice President of Content for Netflix Spain and Portugal, Reynoso was able to learn all the details of the first major Spanish production center and visit the Netflix production headquarters in Spain, a benchmark in the Spanish and international audiovisual industry.

After touring the facilities, sets, post-production rooms and auditorium of Madrid Content City, Ambassador Reynoso was able to exchange impressions with the hosts on the moment that the Spanish sector is going through; the progress made in recent years; the enormous attractiveness of the country as a preferred location for the American industry, and, likewise, the challenges faced by the Spanish audiovisual industry to continue being a benchmark in Hollywood and in the world were analyzed.

“For us, the visit of the US ambassador to Spain and Andorra to Madrid Content City is a unique opportunity to highlight the relevance of this audiovisual project to the head of US diplomacy in our country. Madrid Content City, with its more than 240,000 square meters, is the largest audiovisual center in Spain and is a benchmark for European production, which also encompasses the training of future audiovisual professionals”, highlighted Raúl Berdonés.

Our country has made notable progress in the capturing international shoots, the result of many years of work and the constant encouragement of private companies, entities, associations and administrations and public institutions. This industry is sustained by creative talent, represented by all those entertainment, fiction and film professionals who have made the Spain brand a competent and respected label inside and outside our borders.

Julissa Reynoso visits Madrid Content City

production services

The notoriety of international film and television production services is undeniable, thanks to the solvency of leading experts and companies, trusted by some of the most prominent operators and producers in the United States. In this sense, it is important to underline the recognized work in this sector of professionals such as Jose Maria Gonzalez Sinde, CEO of Secuoya Studios Services, a studio chaired by James Costos and promoted by Secuoya Grupo de Comunicación.

"Spain is at the forefront of digital technical infrastructures and offers great competitive advantages at the tax level, without forgetting those great attractions that make it unique, such as its geographical diversity, a privileged climate, security and incalculable heritage value," Berdonés stressed.

With their 240,000 square meters, 23 studios, office area, technical warehouses, post-production area, parking floors, green areas, as well as its innovative Entertainment Science School university campus, promoted by Planeta Formacion and Universities, Madrid Content City is confirmed as the great audiovisual center of Spain and one of the most prominent in Europe.

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By • 4 May, 2022
• Section: Business