Mediapro NAB 2023

NAB 2023 serves as an exceptional showcase for the transversality of Mediapro Group, which presents at the fair its New York and Miami studios, its services and the latest developments of Overon, Omnicam4Sky y wTVision.

The media group, expressing the importance in its strategy of continuing to consolidate its presence in the American continent, has shown in NAB 2023 the transversality of your proposal. Mediapro has presented its New York and Miami studios, as well as its services playout, production, virtual production, remote production and broadcasts.

4skyThe company has also taken advantage of the Las Vegas event to present the technological innovations of their brands. Omnicam4Sky, a firm specialized in the development and creation of space cameras and systems, has presented several minicam and remote control solutions. Among them, the system stands out 4Sky, a camera system suspended by four cables that allows aerial images to be recorded with complete freedom of movement and angle.

Overon I bet you SRT transport, a distribution network capable of transporting more than 1,000 television channels worldwide using cloud solutions. The Mediapro Grup company, dedicated to audiovisual signal transport solutions, has also brought its audiovisual signal services to NAB 2023. cloud playout with a system for generation of channels and content in the cloud that provides turnkey services to platforms and manages television channels.

Mediapro NAB 2023wTVision a NAB 2023

wTVsion, focused on graphics and solutions for production automation, is showing its wide range of software at NAB 2023, among which stands out Football Stats, dedicated to the creation of graphics in real time; ChannelMaker, a playback system that allows you to quickly create an HD or UHD television channel and control its programming and content, and Studio CG, system to control graphics and videos that allows live and remote productions “without interruptions”.

Aside from these developments, wTVision has revealed at NAB 2023 its new capacity to provide Immersive sound experiences with Dolby Atmos and MPEG-H at live events. The inclusion of these audio innovations will allow users to create expanded audio mixes, as well as offer the viewer a personalized sound experience through a menu with which they can choose languages, accessibility options or the activation/deactivation of specific elements of the broadcast audio.


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By • 19 Apr, 2023
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