wTVision and the connectivity platform IS have reached a strategic agreement for wTVision to license and extensively implement the latest NDI technology across its entire product range, strengthening and enriching existing support for the standard.

This partnership represents a step forward in wTVision's commitment to integrating advanced NDI AV networking capabilities across its entire product range through It is Advanced. This initiative aims to ensure improved video connectivity, flexibility and workflow efficiency across the wTVision ecosystem.

IS facilitates interoperability between devices and software through standard IP network infrastructures, supporting various video codecs. NDI Advanced provides product developers with the benefits of NDI technology, such as seamless device discovery, two-way remote control, and built-in metadata streaming, while also introducing additional features for enhanced video connectivity.

wTVision will therefore extensively integrate advanced NDI features, such as NDI|HX, across its entire product range, starting with R³ Space Engine.

This collaboration between wTVision and NDI reinforces the commitment to a future where video content creators, broadcasters and production professionals can explore the full potential of their transmission technologies.

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By • 7 Feb, 2024
• Section: Business