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Within the framework of ISE 2024 in Barcelona, Mediapro Group has announced the launch of an Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Media Laboratory that will have the collaboration of Microsoft, world leader in AI.

Both companies will share technological and business knowledge for the development of key solutions applied to the audiovisual sector. This collaboration will allow us to respond to market opportunities and needs, through technological innovation and in-depth knowledge of the business. The emergence of the AI is producing profound transformations in the media sector that will imply a paradigm shift in a short space of time.

Mediapro and Microsoft also approach this collaboration from a people-centered approach, and committed to legal commitments and ethical principles in the conceptualization, development, deployment and use of Artificial Intelligence solutions, the object of the Laboratory. Therefore, there is a deep commitment to respecting human dignity, the autonomy and self-determination of the person, the prevention of harm, the promotion of equity, inclusion and transparency, the elimination of biases and any type of algorithmic discrimination.

In the Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Media Laboratory, a pioneer in Europe, nearly a hundred people are involved, who vary according to the projects. The initiative has been promoted by the Artificial Intelligence Center of Grup Mediapro, created in 2022, with the aim of applying the latest advances in AI to create new business models, products and services, as well as providing tools to professionals in the audiovisual sector for the development of processes. creative, productive and managerial.

The AI ​​Center coordinates with the group's business units to provide experience and knowledge in the audiovisual, entertainment and sports sector, as well as with the Microsoft Spain teams and, at a global level, and depending on each project, with specific teams from the Product and Innovation areas of Microsoft Corporation.

The Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Media Laboratory addresses various fields of research such as market and audience analysis, the advertising monitoring in broadcasts, the accessibility y personalization of audiovisual and digital content, the voice cloning, and improvements in Video Processing.

The possibilities of Generative Artificial Intelligence to create value in the sector is one of the highlights of this team's roadmap. The first proofs of concept referring to these areas and developed within the framework of this agreement can be seen at the Mediapro stand at the ISE 2024 fair, which is held from January 30 to February 2 in Barcelona.

Tacho Benedict, CEO Grup Mediapro, commented that “always betting on innovation is something that has defined us as a company for 30 years and we always do it hand in hand with the best technological partners. Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the sector and we must be prepared by creating our own solutions and applications, deciding what role AI is going to have in the audiovisual sector.”

For his part, Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft in Spain, has been enthusiastic “about this collaboration, which we hope will mark a before and after in the use of Artificial Intelligence in a sector as relevant as Media. “There are many usage scenarios that will make things easier for professionals so they can dedicate more time to creativity.”

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By • 31 Jan, 2024
• Section: Business