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Produced by Atresmedia Television In collaboration with Buendía Studios after the agreement reached with Passion Distribution in favour of World of Wonder, 'Drag Race España: All Stars' becomes the most watched premiere of the franchise on Atresplayer.

He first program has achieved the best viewing figure on the day of the franchise's premiere, which confirms the success of the Spanish adaptation as an international benchmark. Drag Race España: All Stars It was one of the most talked about topics of the day on social networks with many compliments, by both critics and the public, within Spain and outside our borders. This time, the queens were not unknown to the public, since, after passing through the first three editions of Drag Race Spain, regresaron Drag Sethlas (T2), Hornella Góngora (T3), Juriji Der Klee (T2), Onyx Unleashed (T2), Pakita (T3), Pink Chadora (T3), Pupi Poisson (T1), Sagittaria (T1) and Samantha Ballentines (T2).

Atresplayer - Atresmedia - Drag Race Spain All StarsThe All Stars edition arrives with many surprises and script twists because the rules no longer have anything to do with the normal seasons of Drag Race. Now, the queens have much more power in their hands. Each week, the jury chooses who are the two best and the two worst. The winners compete in a lipsync for her legacy and, the winner, has the power to “hit the axe” (eliminate) one of the two worst of the week.

Drag Race España: All Stars will be available in Spanish exclusively in Spain through Atresplayer and will be available in WOW Presents Plus internationally with subtitles. With 15 seasons behind her, a 16 in broadcast, and several special editions e international, RuPaul’s Drag Race, the original version, is a phenomenon that goes beyond television. It has become an event with thousands of followers around the world and has launched dozens of artists to stardom.

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By • 6 Feb, 2024
• Section: Television, TV Production