Antena 3 - Beguinas - South Series (Photo: Miguel Gómez)

Atresmedia TV, In collaboration with Buendía Studios, produce 'Beguinas', a bet Antenna 3 for its prime time presented at the Cádiz festival South Series.

Antenna 3 has shown within the framework of the South International Series Festival the first episode of Beguines, its new original series, with the presence of its protagonists and managers. Fiction, composed of ten episodes of 50 minutes each one is inspired by the beguines, communities of women who, since the 13th century, defended an alternative way of life independent of marriage and the Church. The Beguines dedicated themselves to contemplation, but also to action, through crafts, teaching or caring for the sick that provided benefits to society while allowing them to be self-sufficient. The beguinages were spaces of relationship and freedom that, despite having popular support, were highly questioned by those in power. In this way, Antena 3 focuses on the history of these women, “which has remained hidden throughout the centuries.”

Beguines es una producción de Atresmedia TV In collaboration with Buendía Studios. Montse García, Sonia Martínez and Amparo Miralles are the executive producers of this fiction from the Series Atresmedia label, which will be directed by Rómulo Aguillaume and Claudia Pinto. The script was written by Irene Rodríguez, Esther Morales and Silvia Arribas. Martha of Miguel signs the Production management, Iván Caso and Álex García the direction of photography, and Jorge de Soto Art direction. Bubi Escobar is in charge of Wardrobe, while Makeup and Hairstyling will be directed respectively by Mariló Serrano and Fermín Galán. Finally, Antena 3 has confirmed Juan León as Casting Director.

The actors Amaia Aberasturi and Yon González star in the fiction. They play, respectively, Lucía de Avellaneda and Telmo Medina. Beatriz Segura, Melani Olivares, Jaime Olías, Ella Kweku, Lucía Caraballo, Javier Beltrán, Meritxell Calvo, Silma López, Laura Galán, Elisabeth Gelabert, Ignacio Montes, Antonio Durán 'Morris', Jonás Berami, Jorge Kent and Cristina Plazas, among others , complete the cast of the series.

This is the synopsis of Beguines: “Segovia, 1559. Lucía de Avellaneda celebrates her engagement party with the Marquis of Peñarrosa, a nobleman chosen by her brother. This marriage promises to reinforce the financial and social status of the family, but, in the middle of the celebration, the fiancée receives an unexpected letter from a woman who claims to be her mother and who claims her on her deathbed.

“Lucía shows up at the beguinage, where her mother has summoned her. In this place she lives with other women independently and outside the Church. The young woman opens up to a new world that will make her question everything she had known until now. And she, furthermore, will know love through a pure and uncontrollable, but forbidden, passion. “She will risk everything for Telmo, a Jewish man who must hide her beliefs and her past from him,” the plot description continues.

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By • 11 Oct, 2023
• Section: Television, TV Production