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The first test broadcasts of UHD Spain, accessible in free-to-air through a DTT test channel that Cellnex broadcasts in the main Spanish cities, are being managed by Sapec’s Sivac-one solution.

UHD signals generate more than 8 times the information (12Gbps) that is generated in HD (1.5Gbps). All this information has to be transmitted over channels that have limited capacities, equivalent to those currently used by HD. The solution has been to use the HEVC video compression standard (ITU-H265). By means of this standard, used in Sapec’s Sivac-one platform, it has been possible to compress the two UHD signals to be able to transmit them on a DTT channel (8 MHz).

For this purpose, two Sivac-one Media Processor (SMP1000) modules installed in a 1RU chassis have been used. These solutions are responsible for receiving each of the UHD signals via 4x3G-SDI. They perform the compression with HEVC technology in Main10 profile, to deliver each TS over IP. SMP1000 performs this function with very low latencies (SMP allows, depending on the application, latencies of less than 120ms) and a power consumption of no more than 25W per module.

DTT, satellite and internet distribution

The IP streams are delivered by Sivac-one to each of the operators to be distributed to Spanish TV sets (from 45 DTT broadcasting points), as well as to the regions covered by ヒスパサット 30-W and live streaming over the Internet. Sapec, in addition to providing the necessary equipment for the UHD encoding of this content, has coordinated the implementation of these broadcasts. For this reason, Sapec would like to thank all participants for their dedication, effort and selfless collaboration to make these tests a reality for the good of UHD in Spain.

According to Juan José Anaya, CTO of Sapec: “These broadcasts have used the latest UHD HEVC encoders developed by Sapec, demonstrating their quality, robustness and compatibility with all receivers used. For Sapec, it has been the practical culmination of all the tests that have been carried out around UHD, with live broadcasts, and using all the improvements that UHD offers in terms of higher resolution, higher dynamic range of luminance (HDR) and greater extended color range (WCG).”

Sapec has prepared in its facilities in Madrid a reception point where any media professional will be able to enjoy and visualize the reception of these channels, by satellite, DTT, HbbTV or streaming. Visits will be limited and must be arranged with a Sapec representative.


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• 14 Jul, 2021
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