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PlayBox Neo has supplied a selection of Channel-in-a-Box servers to Thai broadcaster and playout service provider PSI Broadcasting.

Each of the servers, which are already in place at the company’s Bangkok headquarters, include the AirBox Neo-20 playout software system, TitleBox Neo-20 graphics solution and Capture Suite ingest software.

Based on a scalable multi-format parallel output playout/streaming engine, AirBox Neo-20 allows media files of various types to be combined into a single streaming playlist. Other notable features of the system, which multiple simultaneous SDI/IP UHD/HD/SD streaming outputs, include the ability to schedule playlists several weeks in advance, automatic gap and time overlap correction, and the ability to provide backup content to be used if content files or schedules fail.

TitleBox and Capture Suite

TitleBox Neo-20, another key part of the Channel-in-a-box solution, provides a selection of tools for titling, graphics generation and text management, both pre-broadcast and live. The PlayBox Neo solution allows the creation of text animations, both horizontally and vertically; the implementation of fixed or animated logos; analog or digital clocks; banners; and chat texts with automated scrolling. The system also includes a selection of presets to facilitate system start-up.

Finally, Capture Suite, Playbox Neo’s ingest software, allows control of multiple channels from multiple servers through a single graphical interface. Capture Suite, of course, integrates with AirBox Neo-20, allowing to automate several of its processes. It can also be used independently to support workflows used by broadcasters, post-production companies or broadcast service providers.

Confidence in PlayBox Neo

Rattana Taipong, technical director at PSI Broadcasting, comments that Playbox Neo servers “have proved highly reliable over the years.” “They give our operators all the facilities they need to perform their duties efficiently and effectively, from ingest, program prescheduling and commercials insertion right through to transmission. The whole process can be performed on a fully automated basis while retaining the ability to go live whenever needed,” he notes.

On the other hand, Nut Deesamer, director of PlayBox Neo’s Thailand branch office, appreciates PSI Broadcasting’s confidence in its products: “PSI Broadcasting has proved an excellent customer over the years, both with its own television channel and as a highly experienced provider of turnkey playout services for its various customers. We worked directly with them during the installation phase of this latest system expansion and provided training on the recently introduced Capture Suite which is designed to make ingest fast and easy.”

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Por • 31 Ago, 2021
• Sección: Automatización, Emisión, Gestión de media