Due to the complexity of the popular talent show on CBS, the new season will feature different systems from JBL to ensure clear and loud sound both on stage and in the jury box and audience stands.

American Idol

American Idol, one of the most popular television shows in the United States, has in its studio at CBS Television City in Hollywood the line array of JBL. ATK Audiotek has arranged new professional speakers for the new season to meet the unique audio demands of this show.

Pat Baltzell, sound engineer and head of audio design at American Idol, has assured that “we have had to adapt to a series of needs for the new location at the CBS Television City studios in Hollywood, which could not be met by a “one-size-fits-all” system. The main PA needs to be heard loud and clear by the performers and the audience. However, we need a separate audio system for when host Ryan Seacrest and the contestants are speaking, because they're on the lavalier microphones and the judges are situated right in the center of the main PA system.”

For the new season of the popular talent show, a dozen JBL VERTEC VT4889s have been arranged on each side of the stage. The main PA is complemented by a front system with six constant curvature VRX932LAPs. Two VRX928LA compact loudspeakers have also been installed in the area where the judges and presenter evaluate the contestants. Lastly, four JBL Control 8SR speakers have been arranged to complement the dialogues between Ryan and the contestants.

JBL VT4889

Clean sound throughout the set

Baltzell has assured that “because the judges are separated from the stage, it was necessary to have three compact JBL AC15 speakers. We know that as the season progresses, the crowd gets livelier and the ambient noise gets even louder. In this case, the judges have to continue to clearly hear the proceedings. The mix that is sent to the speakers in the jury area is just the lead vocals and background singers. The AC15 does an extraordinary job.”

“Another very important aspect is that many of the contestants are young and have great voices, but their technique with the microphone is very limited. This places great demands on audio engineers to control the mix and apply limiting, as well as to present the jury with clear, loud sound without distortion from the AC15 loudspeakers.”

For the public area, the program has 280 Control 25 between the stands.

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For • 1 Apr, 2013
• Section: Audio, TV, tv production