NBC NBC Sports Pekín 2022 JJ. OO.

The broadcast of NBC Sports of the JJs. OO. of Winter of Beijing has counted on the technology of manufacturers such as Sony, Mediakind, Calrec, TAG, EVS, Signiant, Telestream, Leader and RTS.

NBCUniversal is producing more than 2,800 hours of coverage for NBC, Peacock, USA Network, CNBC, NBCOlympics.com and the app NBC Sports of the JJs. OO. Beijing Winter 2022. In this way, the media group presents its 18th Olympic Games, the 12th consecutive in total, breaking all records in the US market.

blankSony is one of the great protagonists of this broadcast. NBC Sports is using more than 100 Sony cameras to capture images at event venues and record interviews with athletes, press conferences and other tasks that require studio and laptop recording and capture in Beijing. Various Sony solutions, including the HDC-3500, will be used for IP transmission, while the rest will work in SDI. NBC Sports is also adding more than 300 monitors Sony professionals including master monitor BVM-HX310 4K HDR and the Trimaster 4K HDR of the series PVM-X; and Sony's professional services group, which offers a network of resources to provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, NBC Sports is utilizing NBC Sports' range of advanced modular receivers and video processing technologies MediaKind to support high-quality, low-latency video delivery. MediaKind's specialized engineers have assisted the NBC Sports team with equipment installation and system configuration. Additionally, they are on-site to offer support at various sites throughout the event.

blankCalrec, RTS y EVS

For the first time, NBC Sports is employing fully remote audio workflows for all of your Winter Games production, with no audio consoles physically on-site at the event. Among other solutions, the NBC division is benefiting from four remote production cores Calrec RP1 at the International Broadcast Center (IBC) in Beijing to cover numerous studios. Full control of the IBC's remote production cores is done with consoles Artemis located at NBC Sports' IBC in Stamford, Connecticut. Additionally, NBC Sports has installed four remote production units at four remote locations in Beijing. They will be connected through Dante to consoles Artemis in the mobile units of Stamford.

In the intercom section, NBC Sports once again trusts RTS, just as it has been doing for the past 25 years. Specifically, the North American television team has used solutions such as EVERYONE for local communication, RVON for international communications and Vlink as a virtual intercom panel.

EVS LSM-VIAEVS, as usual, do not miss one of the great sporting events of 2022. NBC Sports has displayed LiveCeption Signature in the international broadcast centers of Beijing and Stamford, as well as in other venues, as the hub of the live production of the Winter Olympics in 1080p – UHD HDR. The solution consists of the servers XT-VIA and the repetition and highlights systems LSM VIA.

blankSigniant y Telestream

Signiant also makes an appearance in the JJ coverage. OO. Beijing Winter 2022. With the help of Signiant software, NBC Sports has moved petabytes de material HDR y 4K from Beijing to its headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, immediately after its capture. Signiant's proprietary acceleration technology allows streams to be transferred over standard IP networks, eliminating latency and packet loss, so NBC Sports' Stamford editors have been able to create summaries "almost immediately" while the story was being developed. action. The software also allows content to be transferred to the Beijing International Broadcast Center.

blankFinally, NBC Sports has used a wide selection of products and services from Telestream. Among them are the media processing platform Lightspeed Live Capture and Vantage, which have offered a mixed HDR/SDR conversion workflow; HDR 4K / 8K monitors; and a subtitle editing and authoring solution along with the service Timed Text Speech from Telestream Cloud. In addition, NBC Sports' Advanced Technology group worked with Telestream to develop LUTs (Look Up Tables) of personalized color in order to be used with Vantage.

blankLeader and TAG

NBC Sports will also use dozens of hybrid waveform monitors from Leader, along with rack-mount hybrid rasterizers, for the operations of QA (QC) at the NBC Sports International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Connecticut, and on the premises during the Winter Games. Capable of all the latest signal types, including 4K/UHDTV and HDR, through both SDI and IP-based workflows, Leader has enabled NBC Sports to perform extensive measurement and quality control of the full range of audio and video signals.

Finally, NBC Sports has confirmed that it is using the solution of monitoring and multiview software-based MCM MultiChannel from TAG for complete end-to-end monitoring of your video network, providing ultra-low latency of uncompressed ST 2110 and JPEG-XS signals in Beijing for live production, monitoring and transport polling between the host country and the United States , and the monitoring of emissions through the OTT Peacock platform and the CDNs. TAG, among other benefits, allows NBC Sports to display signals in real time across the network, including UHD signals that ensure a high-quality consumer experience.

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