Chilevisión Noticias and Telefe Noticias on Pluto Tv

The channel list of Pluto TV which users can access for free and without registration will grow as of June 21 with the incorporation of Chilevisión Noticias and Telefe Noticias, the leading news channels in Chile and Argentina.

In this way, through Chilevisión Noticias, viewers of the platform will be able to keep up to date with all the news that is happening in Chile and in the world through the three news programs offered by the Chilean news channel, in addition to enjoying six special programs like File CHV News, with the most relevant police cases in Chile; Thoroughly, with in-depth reports on what happened in the country; Pocket, on the domestic economy; Show, which will review the latest in the world of show business and entertainment; and Futuro, the space dedicated to science and technology.

At the same time, viewers who want to stay informed about the most relevant events in the Argentine and international arena will be able to do so at any time of the day thanks to Telefe Noticias, the successful leading live news channel in Argentina that can now also be seen on the platform. Paramount free streaming.

This will feature the four news editions of Telefe, Good Telefe, The People's Newscast, Telefe News y Staff News, thus covering all the latest news, general interest news, special investigations, political and economic analysis by specialized journalists, entertainment and curiosities, among others.

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For • 20 Jun, 2022
• Section: TV