The platform offers content up to two hours long for prices ranging from 56 euros.

Luna the heiressRaise up In its commitment to bring its clients the most varied audiovisual content to TV and Smart TV Operators in an agile, easy and useful way, it adds a new low-cost component to the products offered in this innovative comprehensive management platform via the Internet.

From now on, it will make available to all its subscribers a wide catalog of documentary, film, entertainment and fiction content that could complete any broadcast playlist, starting at €56 with content up to 2 hours long.

Taking advantage of this new economical way of completing the broadcast schedule, the television stations Maresme TV, Melilla TV, Popular TV Murcia and 101 TV have acquired 120 chapters x 60 minutes of the successful soap operas Luna the heiress y The English teacher Caracol TV originals.

Luna the heiress, starring the acclaimed Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino, the Peruvian actor Christian Meier and the antagonistic participation of the actress and singer Aura Cristina Geithner, reached an audience share of 46.7%.

The English teacher is a successful Colombian soap opera whose main cast is made up of the former universal beauty viceroy Carolina Gómez and Víctor Mallarino.

Both stories available at the best prices on Errequerre, the only Hispanic platform that allows the marketing and distribution of broadcast-quality content.

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By • 19 Mar, 2013
• Section: Television, Tv local, Mobile TV