Juliana Barrera

After two years as content director at The Mediapro Studio Colombia, Juliana Barrera will move to Madrid to join the team led by Diego Ávalos in charge of the production of original series of Netflix in Spain.

Specialized in creating, developing and producing content for television over two decades, Barrera He has extensive experience in producing fiction series, entertainment formats, and managing content teams. Before joining Netflix, Barrera was director of content since August 2009 at The Mediapro Studio Colombia.

Previously, she was a producer, content director and creative director at Snail Television and throughout her career she has been executive producer of the first season of La Voz Colombia, she has worked on fiction series such as Always a witch, The secret law, The white slave O Perfect lies. In the field of entertainment, she has worked on realities such as The Challenge, Big Brother, The Farm, The Apprentice, O The barber shop, among other formats.

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By • 27 Sep, 2021
• Section: Business, Television