Hollyland Lark M1

Live connections, interviews, podcasting, vlogging and remote conferencing are the target areas for the Hollyland latest wireless lavalier microphone, the Lark L1.

The Lark M1 omni-directional microphone, with a 200m line-of-sight range, has been designed to record accurate, detail-rich dialogue at qualities up to 48kHz/16bit. The Hollyland solution features the HearClear algorithm, which filters out ambient sounds to better highlight vocals – a function that can be switched off with a single click if you want to faithfully reproduce the natural sound environment.

Hollyland Lark M1The Lark M1 also features an intelligent device identification system that can establish a connection between a camera or mobile phone independently, without the need for the user to enter the settings. In either case, the Hollyland solution has a manual control available should the need arise.

The compact, portable recharging case provides the system with 8 hours of transmission and up to 20 hours of operating time, all while taking into account that a full recharge of the microphone will take an hour and a half. Overall, the Lark M1 system (available now) is a lightweight solution: the Lark M1 recharging case weighs only 80g, the receiver 17.5g, and the transmitter 11.8g. The transmitter is smaller than a standard flash drive and the case fits in the user’s hand as it is the size of a computer mouse.

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By • 6 Jul, 2022
• Section: Audio