At CES 2014, Ateme debuts encoders for compression up to 4K.


Atem has announced in Las Vegas, coinciding with CES 2014, the expansion of its cooperation with the main manufacturers of ultra high definition televisions (UHDTV) and 4K converters to guarantee interoperability based on the HEVC (Hight Efficiency Video Coding) coding standard. In this way, it is ahead of the first developments planned for this year.

With ATEME's Titan encoders, compression is possible in formats up to 4K, linearly encoding signals for uncompressed (HD-SDI) or compressed (IP) high definition sources. Titan's HEVC output can distribute over-the-top (OTT) using less bandwidth than the H.264/MPEG-4 format.

Titan File, for its part, is a video transcoder that supports a resolution of up to 4Kp60, providing UHD video on demand (VOD) services for connected televisions and converters with 10 Mbps capacity (4K cinema content at 24 frames per second) or 20 Mbps (sports in 4K at 60 fps).

Ateme works hand in hand with manufacturers of UHDTV equipment, chip-based systems and converters to ensure interoperability of Titan decoding solutions in UHDTV and HEVC environments.
At CES, Ateme's collaboration with LG Electronics has demonstrated compatible HEVC decoding capabilities, including 60 frames per second in HD Ultra with 10-bit color, fully compatible with the encoding provided by Titan.

Titan has also been successfully tested in Broadcom's chip-based decoder (BCM7445) and SoC-type converters.

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By • 8 Jan, 2014
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