The new recorder makes it possible to deliver fast Blu-ray or DVD copies right after an event, or do a complete authored duplication, quickly and without the need for a PC.


JVC launches the new professional HD Blu-ray+HDD recorder, SR-HD2700. This equipment is designed for production rooms, mobile units or any other environment where it is necessary to deliver content as soon as the event ends. This new model has the ability to record HD or SD signals or perform an HD-SD sub-converted recording; It has HD SDI, HDMI (without HDCP), HDV/DV(iLink) inputs, as well as composite video and S-Video inputs, making it suitable for any existing analog installation.

New to the new SR-HD2700 is its ability to simultaneously record to the 1TB internal hard drive and Blu-ray Disc, providing redundancy and eliminating the need to copy video files to another disc after recording. .

Designed so that producers can deliver quick copies or full authored duplication of Blu-ray content without the need for a PC, the SR-HD2700 also adds 4 other recording formats for easy compatibility with Blu-ray players and Conventional DVD such as BDMV, BDAV, DVD-VR and DVD-Video.

A simple and dynamic management interface allows users to transfer video files from removable media to the internal hard drive, mount the content and finally burn the DVD or Blu-ray. Other features included in the SR-HD2700 include a long-time continuous recording mode, the ability to import MOV and MXF files from a PC, and upload files to the network via FTP.

JVC SR-HD2700Multiple interfaces

With its HDMI and SDI inputs, the SR-HD2700 allows you to input signals directly from most HD production cameras, recorders and switchers. The SR-HD2700 has USB and i.Link (IEEE-1394) connection ports, an SDXC card slot and composite video and S-Video inputs to continue using analog sources.

To avoid copyright issues and possible illegal distribution of content, the SR-HD2700 can overlay text on the image while it is being recorded. You can also downconvert HD material to SD to improve workflows and discourage unauthorized distribution of content.

With broadcast environments in mind, operators can also use embedded timecode via SDI or insert the timestamp generated with the SR-HD2700's internal clock to provide on-screen date and time information for audience control and other purposes. investigation or legal And for its installation in mobile units or recording studios, it has remote control via RS-232C or LAN and can be installed in a standard rack since it has the corresponding mounting accessories as an option.

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By • 25 Aug, 2015
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