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Christie has used its technology to equip a new complex of 16 movie theaters for the chain Supercines.

Ceibos Supercines, located in the shopping center Riocentro Ceibos (Guayaquil), has the capacity to 3034 spectators and it is the largest cinema complex in the country. It has been built around cinema solutions from Christieincluding projectors RGB pure laser, Christie Vive Audio y displays LCD of digital signage. The operation has been carried out through the integrator T&T Cinema, who supplied and installed all the equipment.

15 of the 16 rooms of the Ceibos Supercines have Christie pure RGB laser projectors of the models CP2320-RGB y CP2315-RGB based on lighting technology Christie Real|Laser, which offers image quality and brightness levels "exceeding DCI standards throughout the natural life of the equipment."

Supercines, belonging to El Rosado Corporation, has 24 cinema complexes in 15 cities in the country totaling almost 200 screens, constituting the largest chain of cinemas in Ecuador.


Christie, also in sound

For the sound of the new complex, Supercines has chosen Christie Vive Audio. Specifically, they have installed 259 speakers screen channel y surround, y 55 subwoofers. This solution, according to Marcel Moran, general manager of Supercines, offers “great fidelity, sharpness and clarity in sound; in addition, the speakers are very aesthetic”.

At the same time, Ceibos Supercines It has also relied on Christie for the digital signage of its lobbies. Thus, the complex has deployed almost 100 LCD panels Christie SUHD551-L, of 55” and resolution 4K UHD, designed for 16/7 operation and with built-in speakers.


Laser projectors since 2019

Supercines knew the technology Christie's pure RGB laser in 2019, when he inaugurated his complex Ambato Supercines con seven projectors Of the brand. Experience indicates Moran, led them to repeat with the manufacturer: “We decided to once again trust the Christie RealLaser models for Riocentro Ceibos because the experience with this equipment has been very positive and they offer us great image quality and an excellent range of colors. It is one of the best lines of laser projectors on the market, standing out for its color quality, its ease of use and the almost zero maintenance it requires”.

Por otro lado, Diego López, general manager NOLA and Andean Region of Christie, celebrates the presence of Christie in this new complex: “We are delighted to see how Supercines, a long-standing client of Christie that started with Xenon projectors of our brand, has understood the leap in quality and savings that pure RGB laser projection allows for its cinemas. And we are especially proud that they have relied on Christie not only for projection, but also for sound and digital signage in their lobbies, reaffirming us as the global provider of choice for cinemas of all sizes and budgets.”

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By • 14 Jun, 2021
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