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The portfolio of closed captioning and translation solutions of Enco grows with the acquisition of TranslateTV (TTV) and Sentinel from Vox Frontera, both of which specialise in Spanish-language solutions.

With these acquisitions, Enco seeks to gain greater reach in the growing multi-generational Hispanic television market within the US and abroad by offering broadcasters a non-local option for advanced live Spanish-language television closed captioning translation. TTV uses proprietary software to translate English subtitles into Spanish in real time. Until now, Enco offered Spanish translation via enTranslate but exclusively with cloud-based processing. TranslateTV is coming to offer a fully localised subtitling and translation system.

ENCO will also leverage the TranslateTV technology to develop an on-site Spanish translation and captioning solution for financial institutions, corporations, government agencies and universities that restrict access to sensitive information. TTV’s open development platform will also allow Enco engineers to make continuous improvements in speed and accuracy, and to add new languages in the future for both broadcast and AV customers.

The second system purchased by Enco was Sentinel, a real-time quality control solution for automatic captioning that will help broadcasters meet FCC captioning standards related to accuracy, timing and integrity.

Ken Frommert, president of Enco, previews the future of enCaption following the acquisition of TranslateTV and Sentinel: “Integrated with our enCaption automated captioning and transcription solution, we will enable this technology to natively accept live and pre-recorded audio streams and automatically convert them to text. Our same workflow will inject these translations into multiple consumer platforms, presenting accurate, live subtitles on TVs, desktops, laptops and mobile devices. We will develop and innovate the TTV platform for new applications and use cases, while providing 24/7 product and technical support to TTV’s existing customer base.

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By • 7 Jul, 2022
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