This two-episode miniseries, whose filming will begin in September, will focus on Zurbarán students years later "Physics or Chemistry," a phenomenon of Spanish fiction released in 2008.

Physics or Chemistry

Physics or Chemistry, one of the most successful series of the last decade and a true phenomenon among young people, returns with FoQ: The Reunion, a miniseries of two episodes, that Atresmedia will premiere in Atresplayer.

Antena 3's fiction, broadcast between 2008 and 2011, marked a whole generation. Physics or Chemistry He told very closely and in a revolutionary way, without mincing words, what many young people of the time thought and worried about who were identified with the stories and characters of the series, which made it a benchmark since its premiere in TV.

Produced by Atresmedia TV In collaboration with Good Studies, FoQ: The Reunion is in pre-production phase and will feature some of the most recognized actors from Physics or chemistry, which will meet again a decade later.

The new series features Montse García, Sonia Martínez, David Troncoso and Candela Izquierdo in executive production. Lucia Alonso-Allende is a co-executive producer.

In front of the script is Carlos Garcia Miranda while Juanma Pachon is the director of the series. Juanmi Hernandez is the production manager and Marta petite, Art Director.

Physics or Chemistry

A complete success in fiction

Physics or Chemistry it premiered on Antena 3 on February 4, 2008 with a great audience success: more than 3.6 million viewers (20.9% screen share) saw the first episode and the opening of the Zurbarán Institute doors.

The fame of its protagonists and the strength of its plots made each time Physics or Chemistry gained more followers, touching 4 million viewers at the end of its second season. With 77 chapters and seven seasons behind him, Physics or Chemistry he said goodbye in June 2011 confirming himself as one of the greatest fiction hits of recent times.

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