IV Dolby Awards - Innovative Awards

RTVE, Movistar Plus+ O Mediapro have been some of the winners of the VI edition of the Innovative Awards of Dolby, a recognition with which the brand values ​​the work of its partners in disseminating its technologies.

From its inception, the Innovative Awards from Dolby have intended to value and recognize the "constant support and incredible work" carried out by the different companies that work with Dolby to improve the entertainment experience, using the technological innovations that the company develops.

Dolby - Innovative AwardsThe companies that have received the award are Spanish radio and television, With whom Dolby Atmos has had the opportunity to produce a live concert from the Prado Museum; Movistar Plus+, that you have generated your local content in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos; Mediapro, with which Dolby Atmos has worked hand in hand for the UEFA production; OBS, for having been one of the television manufacturers that has made the strongest commitment to Dolby AC-4, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision; the RTVE-UPM Chair, for launching projects such as the 8K pilot broadcast in October 2020, or movies, defined as a "key partner" in the immersive audio and sound experience.

Other well-known companies are Apple Music, as a platform that has adopted the Dolby Atmos sound format to transform and enhance the music consumer experience; Warner Music, for its commitment to innovation with “The Music Station”, its creative hub that promotes the Dolby Atmos sound format in the world of music, and Best Digital, as the studio that has supported the company the most over the past year to promote Dolby Atmos sound mixing in the music sector.

At the individual level, Dolby's Innovative Awards highlight Mikel Fernández Krutzaga, sound engineer, pioneer, and champion of the Dolby Atmos Music format; Sergio Vallin, the first artist to have mixed a music album in Spain using Dolby Atmos technology, and Manuel Martinez, RNE journalist, for his “unconditional support and having always helped to give visibility to Dolby's news and messages”.

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By • 27 May, 2022
• Section: Audio, Business